Dr. Andrew M. Rodgers
Chiropractic Physician
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Testimonials for Fort Lee Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation in New Jersey

"Doctor Rodgers is terrific. He'll see you at any time to make sure you are comfortable and in no more pain."
- Anonymous, December 11, 2012
"Dr. Rodgers and staff are absolutely wonderful! They take time to talk to you and answer any of your questions. There is almost no wait time and have flexible hours for anyone with a hectic schedule not to mention treatment is top notch!"
- ginab918, December 10, 2012
"Dr. Rodgers has fantastic hands and is THE BEST !!!! you will LOVE him !!!!"
- Anonymous, April 11, 2012
"I'm an Olympic sprinter. For 7 months, I suffered excruciating pain in my left chest which radiated down my left arm causing numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers. After several doctor visits, I still suffered pain and I could not train. Over the course of that time, I visited more than 6 doctors, but It was not until I visited Dr. Rodgers, a chiropractor with over 30 years' experience, that 7 months of agony went away—in a single day. Since then, I've referred many people to Dr. Rodgers, and the vast majority of them have likewise received extraordinary results"
- Doug, June 18, 2011
As you can see, Fort Lee Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation provides exceptional chiropractic care. Contact us today in Fort Lee, New Jersey, to discuss your medical needs.