Dr. Andrew M. Rodgers
Chiropractic Physician
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Professional Medical Consulting in Fort Lee, New Jersey

A child company of Fort Lee Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation, Rodgers Consulting Group (RCG) provides medical consulting for physicians, attorneys, and more in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Utilizing his experience and knowledge in the industry, Dr. Andrew Rodgers developed this consulting firm more than 15 years ago.

Mission Statement

At RCG, our mission is to uniform chiropractic practice by creating an exact standard of care for the well-being of the patient and the ease for the office staff and the insurance reimbursement company. We do this by offering helpful advice and professional medical consulting.

Helpful Advice

Dr. Rodgers' successful medical results, through his own special, effortless chiropractic manipulative techniques and office procedures, have led insurance companies to seek his advice. He has joined numerous insurance companies, such as Horizon™, Blue Cross Blue Shield™ of New Jersey, and Prudential™, throughout the country in writing their benefit packages for chiropractic coding, standards of care, and utilization review.
Dr. Rodgers continues to work with many chiropractors, medical physicians, and dentists to teach them managed care to participate as in-network physicians. He provides a range of consulting services outside of his active standard practice.
  • 1. For Physicians (D.C., M.D., D.P.M., D.D.S., D.O., Etc.)
  • A. Managed Care, Billing,
  • & Collections
  • B. Office Appraisal
  • C Buy & Sell Practices
  • 2. For Chiropractors
  • A. Managed Care, Billing,
  • & Collections
  • B. From Software to
  • Manipulation Techniques
  • C. On-Site Duplication of His Active Practice for Your Own
  • D. Marketing & Management
  • E. Office Appraisal
  • F. Buy & Sell Practices
  • 3. For Attorneys
  • A. Malpractice Cases Proving Standard of Care & Deviations
  • from It
  • B. Administrative Law, State Laws, & Honest Medical Protocols & Billing Procedures
  • C. Plaintiff & Defendant Expert Witness Testimony in Trauma, Motor Vehicle, Workers Comp, &/or Slip & Fall Cases
  • 4. For Insurance & Utilization
  • Review Companies
  • A. Writing Chiropractic
  • Benefit Packages
  • B. Differentiating between Therapeutic Care &
  • Maintenance Care
  • C. Number of Office Visits & Procedural Coding per Diagnosis
  • D. Fee Schedules for Preventive Care &/or Patients without Insurance Waivers
  • E. Annual Benefits for Chiropractic Office Visits
  • 1. 20 Visits or $1,500 Max without Paying a Utilization Review Company or Overburdening Your Staff or a PCP Staff
  • F. Utilization Review
  • 1. Telephone Reviews
  • 2. Consult on Progress of Patient &/or Bundling Codes or Maximum Benefit of Care
  • 3. Paper Reviews
  • 4. Clinical Reviews
  • 5. Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
  • 6. Available for Depositions & Expert Witness Testimony
Contact us in Fort Lee, New Jersey, to discuss how beneficial our medical consulting services can be for your business or medical practice.